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Stucco Service

What is stucco coating?

Stucco is a durable, attractive and weather resistant wall covering made from a mixture of sand, Portland cement, lime and water.

We are committed to following manufacturing guidelines and adhering closely to application practices. Our Stucco keeps homes and businesses in Texas looking their best.

I & E Masonry CO has the experience and understanding of the design to help make a decision for your home or business, we can provide the finishes of your choice to any existing or new construction project.

If you would like more information about textures and colors, please contact us today at (713) 367-6414 or at our email for a staff to take your information and make an estimate for free.

We work closely with the best manufacturers of cement products Stucco to ensure that always a quality product is used to each of our customers in the Residential or Commercial area.

Stucco Services

Stucco Repai
Synthetic Stucco
Commercial Stucco
EIFS Stucco
Painting Stucco
Faux Stucco
Residential Stucco
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