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Brick and Stone
Your wall is cracked due to weather or an earthquake, keep in mind that this wall will continue to grow.
Professional renovation services
Guaranteeing a job with excellence in renovations shows that I & E Masonry CO knows how to do it.
Flooring Contractor in Houston TX
Our floors are as beautiful as they are functional.
We create wooden floors for homes and businesses.

Welcome to I & E Masonry CO in Houston TX

When preparing and repairing a brick installation, you must take into account that this investment is for the convenience of your pocket. We serve the needs of our customers in each service that our company offers.

We specialize in all kinds of bricks and stones. Whether your project is in a raffle or just an idea, in I & E Masonry CO we can make it happen.
In this region of Texas, you should start with an expert to help answer all your questions.

Being a company working with the best staff, we make it clear that we are committed to our services every day and improve the quality of work we offer.

Whether the project is Residential or Commercial.
We are Insured and Licensed

Although most of our projects are Residential, we work for Commercial clients in the same way.

We rely on values and standards to carry out our work. Our Responsibility, Punctuality, Protocol are some bases that make us better in our field. Offer Insurance and License supports us as a company to be more responsible and have a better confidence with our customers.

If you want to know more about our company or make an estimate, do not hesitate to call us at
(713) 367-6414 or e-mail

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